Jessie Poesch

Newcomb Pottery

In 1928 Jonathan Hunt replaced Joseph Meyer as potter at Newcomb College's Art Department. Hunt shaped pottery for six years until the Newcomb fell on hard times and had to let him go in 1933.

Meyer had been with Newcomb from its earliest days in the mid-1890s. By the mid-1920s his health was not good and another potter was needed to succeed him.

They found that potter in Jonathan Hunt who had shaped pottery for many years at Rookwood in Cincinnati (link) and for some time with Orlando Potteries in Florida.

Hunts combined JH mark, following in the tradition of Meyer's combined JM mark, is thus found on Newcomb's pottery during his six years with them.

After Hunt's departure Kenneth Smith (uncombined KS) took on the work as potter and continued on also as Newcomb's ceramic chemist.
This fine book tells the Newcomb Pottery story well, but understandably has little mention of Jonathan Hunt's short time with them.

Perhaps the best account around of Hunt's time at Newcomb is Jim and Carol's short but sweet page or so writeup in Colorado Pottery. In their chapter on Broadmoor pottery they went to the Tulane University archives to document JB Hunt's employment at Newcomb College.