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Broadmoor Art Pottery & Tile Co
Colorado Springs 1933-1937

  #118 3.6" pink T2 scarab   #102B 6.5" blue vase   #80 6.5" T2/T2 lily pad/tulip cup

  3.3" blue T1 scarab  5.8" #103a gunmetal Hellman vase 5.4" #129 fluted drip C Jones bowl

  3.3" red T1 scarab  5.8" #103a green drip ET Hellman vase   6"D green drip bowl

 5" red parrot Brook Forest Inn label
  #121A 7" yellow fluted bud vases   #84 7" tulip cup flower

#91 5.5" gunmetal T2 boot with round tray   #169 8.5" blue vase with stippeling
2" double mark blue cabinet vase

23" blue lamp   #138 7" crackle vase   2" matte white cabinet vase

 4.5" matte yellow frog planter 7" white crackle vase 2" cabinet red vase

7" Ship Tavern orange ashtray #138 6.75" spongeware vase 7.2" beige crackle bowl & frog

 7" Ship Tavern blue ashtray #103C 5.25" spongeware vase 4.5" Ship Tavern blue bowl

6.7" Ship Tavern yellow ashtray #160 12" blue vase  4.5" Ship Tavern red bowl

4.5" blue Indian Grill ashtray 8" Hellman swirl vase   5.5"D gunmetal bowl (both marks)

 5.9" Plains Hotel red ashtray 6" Hellman swirl bud vase 4" blue deco sugar bowl

 5"L green drip cowboy hat 7.1" red vase 4" blue creamer "1936 to wife"

8"L red 1936-dated cowboy hat 7.2" red vase 4" blue deco sugar "to my wife"

 5.5" cobalt flapper bookend 7.5" green-blue mottled vase    2.1" orange tulip cup

 6.4" red tulip flower - metal holder
 8.8" crackle vase-candleholder   2.2" red tulip cup - impressed

 5" red parrot 7.5" red (footed) vase    2.2" red tulip cup

 5" blue parrot 6.5" C Jones blue drip- Jeff Krieger   4.0"D red plain bowl

 5" swirl parrot 18" red floor vase 1935 Plains Hotel   5.3"D blue plain bowl

  2.6" turquoise chick planter  6.9" bisque bird vase   4.2"D blue ruffled bowl

 4.5" matte yellow frog planter  7.6" blue bird vase   4.2"D crackled ruffled bowl

 4.1" turquoise pharmacy frog planter  7.2" blue drip bird vase   5.0"D red ruffled bowl

3.8" red candleholders  7" white crackle bird vase   5.0"D white ruffled bowl

 13" cobalt wall hanger
 7.4" tan crackle bird vase   5.2"D green drip triangular bowl

 13" crackle wall hanger
 7.5" green drip bird vase   5.3"D blue triangular bowl

 13" matte white wall hanger
 7.9" dappled Robertson-style vase   5.3"D E Hellman triangular bowl

 6.8" red Boggios ashtray 8" blue Robertson-style vase   5.4"D orange drip triangular bowl

8.1" white Robertson-style vases   7.3"D blue covered casserole

 3.9" white vase no140

 7" red ear handled vase no138

 8" white fluted vase

 10.9" red dimpled fluted vase

 5.9" hi matte green Hellman bud vase

 6.8" #121A blue fluted bud vase

 7.1" matte white Hellman plain bud vase

 7.3" multicolor 1936 fluted bud vase

 7.4" matte white fluted bud vase

 7.4" red plain bud vase

Colorado Springs Marks

impressed potters

foil label

ink stamp "Next to the Post Office"

incised PH Genter "1936 to my wife"

incised PH Genter "to my wife"