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Cosmopolitan Hotel 1926

The Cosmopolitan Annex was built in 1926, alongside the older Metropole Hotel.

The Metropole is shown just to the right of the Cosmopolitan at the corner of E 18th and Broadway in Denver and below when completed in 1891.

Metropole Hotel 1891

Cosmopolitan Hotel postcard c.1940

After the 12-story Cosmopolitan Annex was built the complex was thereafter operated as the Cosmopolitan Hotel.

We follow with a few Cosmopolitan Hotel advertising items and clippings. The yellow Broadmoor-Denver ashtray may be of particular interest to our readers.

"Host of the West"

This cool matchbook reads "Cosmopolitan Bound" and "Host of the West" printed on the matches.

And this matchbook cover shows cowboys and broncs.

Our 1938 Hotel Greeters Guide ad also reads "Host of the West" as well as "Dine and dance in the Silver the music of Glenn Lee and his band."

And finally our aqua Camark ashtray with cowboy and lariat also reads "Host of the West, Cosmopolitan Hotel, Denver".

Note Camark Pottery was organized around the time the Cosmopolitan Hotel was erected and is known to have also produced ashtrays for Denver's Park Lane Hotel (see article).

Bamboo Room

Several businesses operated in the Hotel over the years.

The Bamboo Room operated in the 1930s and at least one reference has it frequented by servicemen during the war.

This Broadmoor-Denver Bamboo Room ashtray from the late 1930s
is also pictured in Colorado Pottery.

The Outrigger

The back of this postcard reads "The fabulous OUTRIGGER, created by Famed Trader Vic for the Hotel Cosmopolitan ... renowned for its authentic decor and unusual  food and beverages."

Pioneer Room

The Pioneer Room was named after Denver's 1911, Pioneer Monument at Broadway and West Colfax.

The monument marked the western end of the Smokey Hill Trail traveled by Colorado's gold miners who worked the Cherry Creek settlements 1859-60.

The Silver Glade

The Silver Glade must have been the main attraction at the Hotel. Silver Glade advertising items are easy to find with many matchbook covers.

This one with Indians and tee-pees, etc., is the other half of the cowboys' matchbook earlier.

This ad was clipped from the 1933 Hotel Greeters Guide:

"You'll thrill to Gene Quaw's exceptionally fine eight-piece orchestra ... and delight in Chef Pettijean's varied Parisian cooking."

And these two: "People prefer the Silver Glade" and "Home of the Silver Glade"

M. Frederic Dubonnet, Connoisseur of Wines

It appears this wine guy, "The Count", catered to both Silver Glade and Pioneer Room crowds.

This brochure is dated 1934, soon after the repeal of Prohibition:

"His unrivaled knowledge of selecting and serving wines is at your disposal at all times in the Pioneer Room and the Silver Glade."

More Postcards

Cosmopolitan Hotel postcard c.1940

The back of this card reads, "Denver's newest and largest hotel. 460 rooms with bath and circulating ice water. Headquarters for Colorful Colorado and Rocky Mountain National Parks..."

Cosmopolitan Hotel postcard c.1940

And this slightly newer postcard back is hand dated August 18, 1946 and similarly reads, "Denver's largest and most complete hotel. 425 modern guest and meeting rooms..."

Cosmopolitan Hotel 1926 - 1984

This late-20s photo shows the Cosmopolitan Hotel complex located at East 18th and Broadway, across the street from the Brown Palace Hotel to the right.

The entire complex, including the old Metropole Hotel, was razed on May 29, 1984.

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