Colorado Gallery

 Broadmoor Face Wall Hangers -- HW Swartz

   #95 2016-09-01

Low angle light gives our Broadmoor wall hanger by Swartz a cool creepy look

Front light shows the face finished with a white matte glaze.

Marked "Colorado Springs" and "H Swartz", the unglazed back has a lot of added character with two Broadmoor potters' impressions and a few firing cracks

This next one
is also glazed front side only. Notice the remnant of an original label on the back.

Its fine crackle is a Cecil Jones legacy glaze at Broadmoor. After his Colorado Springs departure the glaze was never reliably replicated at their Denver operation.

This one is incised "Colo Spngs" and "HW Swartz".

Our final Art Deco form is beautifully finished with a glossy cobalt glaze

Also incised "Colo Spngs" and "HW Swartz".

Colorado Pottery also shows a pair of Swartz wall hangers they call theatrical masks because of their cut out eye holes.

These Broadmoor wall hangers are very hard to come by.

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