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 Broadmoor Casserole and Condiment Pottery

   #92 2016-06-01

Dog Casserole

This dog figure casserole is one of only a few Broadmoors made with a lid.

The doggie figure functions well as a handle.

The casserole is more than decorative. For a sanitary surface the lid is glazed on the underside.

This bowl has a nice drip glaze inside and out. The footed bottom is Incised PH Genter Colorado Springs and has the Colorado Springs potters' impression.

We suspect the dog figure is a Paul Genter creation.

Bean or Condiment Pots

Colorado Pottery calls these "bean pots" or "mustard jars". They show two turquoise pots, one topped with a rare embossed "Broadmoor Hotel" lid

Lidded Pot

Our green pot form varies slightly from the blue. An inside rim supports a small thrown lid. The lid's bottom is glazed also.

Denver ink stamp

Broadmoor Hotel Pot

Notice our turquoise pot has no interior rim but is otherwise like the green with its ear handles. It's unclear whether this one was sold with a lid.

Finally its ink stamp is interesting. It reads "Broadmoor Hotel, Inc.", so was likely made for the hotel by Broadmoor-Denver.

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