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 Broadmoor Candleholders

   #91 2016-05-01

Thirty years ago we
found this Broadmoor candleholder at a local show. It was the first piece in our collection.

Since then we have not found another art deco piece like it.

It has a partial Denver ink stamp on its lacquered bottom.

Later we lent the piece, and others, to Carol and Jim Carlton for their well researched chapter on Broadmoor. (Collectors Encyclopedia of Colorado Pottery, 1991).

Classic Candleholders

This Broadmoor set is more common but still hard to find.

These are Colorado Springs pieces. Another pair in turquoise was spotted with Denver ink stamps.

Crackle Candleholder -- Colorado Springs

This candleholder, or vase, has Broadmoor's crackle glaze.

It looks like it was fired as two pieces before bonding together.

Its base has essentially the same form as the red holders.

And check out what must be its original price label. Expensive in the 1930s.

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