Colorado Gallery

 Broadmoor Animal Planters

   #90 2016-04-01

Chicks and frogs.


This first unmarked chick is probably a Colo Springs piece.

This next matte blue has an ordinary Denver ink stamp. Niloak glaze.

This chick in turquoise gloss shows its form very well.

Colorado Springs ink stamp.

We almost missed the form number. No 83.

Broadmoor Frogs

Here are a pair of frog planters, both from Colorado Springs. Colorado Pottery also shows one in red.

The heavy matte yellow glaze covers much of the form detail.

PH Genter mark again.

And this one in turquoise gloss also shows very nice detail.

A mortar and pestle is embossed on its back.

"Pharmacy Frog"

PH Genter mark. And "T.T. 1911"? We have no clue.

Denver Terra Cotta Frogs -- Same Form

From auction listing we found this beautiful DTC frog with high matte glaze. Probably an earlier piece predating Broadmoor.

Colorado Pottery also shows DTC frogs in green and black.

Morrison Terra Cotta Frog -- Same Form

The warts show up prominently on this unglazed piece.

"MTC Morrison Colo". Can anyone tell us about this pottery?

Please contact us if you have insights on this or other topics. Thank you.