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 Broadmoor Flowerpot Planters

   #89 2016-03-01

Broadmoor made just a handful of these trayed flowerpots.

Ours are 4.5 inches and 6.3 inches high; Colorado Pottery shows a large 18-inch example in blue. 

The pots were thrown from single lumps of clay with trays and tops integrated

Drainage holes were drilled before bisque firings.

Broadmoor Ring

Another trait of these planters are decorative rings.

Hunt also threw vases with these rings. Some had Denver ink stamps but most were incised. More later on ringed pottery.

Wire Cart Planter

Here is another thrown flowerpot saddled in its own wire cart.

Add it to the few metal items
Broadmoor produced.

Again the pot is nicely thrown by Hunt and has his carefully incised mark. You might also notice its drip glaze.

Ours has a lovely splash of red on its bottom, an "opening of the kiln" surprise no doubt.

And the "clay I am" label is mostly intact even though the glaze shows crazing -- likely from a moist environment.

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