Colorado Gallery

 Broadmoor Pitcher & Mugs

   #88 2016-02-01

Please check out our ewer-tall mug set. We included the cream mug as a filler.


The hard to find Broadmoor ewer also appears in Colorado Pottery along with one in cobalt.

It has JB Hunt's mark with a runny, ground flat glaze.

Tall mugs

The three yellow mugs are probably survivors from a set of four and look to have been glazed and fired together.

Notice JB Hunt's wheelwork and applied ribbon handles.

All three are incised with care.

Our cream glazed filler is not so well done. It is molded with an ordinary Denver ink stamp.

Colorado Pottery also shows three molded mugs, one each in white (or cream), red and turquoise. All Broadmoor-Denver.

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