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 Broadmoor Tulip Cups

   #87 2016-01-01

Tulip cups are likely the most common of all Broadmoor vases. They are found by themselves, mounted on lily pads or sometimes inserted in metal frames.

Six-point tulip cups as these are the most common.

Tulip Cups

These four have Denver ink stamps.

The yellow tulip has a form number "414" ink stamped.

These two have the identical weak ink stamps: "Broadmoor Art Pottery, Colo Springs, Colo".

Note the orange glaze is hard to find.

This red one has a very nice impression: "Broadmoor Colo. Spgs. Colo."

Ink Stamps

This Denver tulip has "Manufactured" as part of the ink stamp.

Its ink stamp is partially gone because of peeling varnish.

Denver ink stamps were usually applied on top of the varnish, so after any varnish wears away, or is removed, ink stamps go away.

Colorado Springs ink stamps are less common, but, when found, are usually applied directly on the bisque d pottery bottom, underneath any applied lacquer.

So unmarked Broadmoor pieces are usually Denver.

Tulip Cups on Lily Pads

This tulip-on-lily pad example has been well preserved over the years judging by its nicely marked bottom.

This all-red piece has two stamps: The Broadmoor-Denver stamp has blue ink, while the "Mile-Hi Pottery" stamp is black.

Mile-Hi Pottery, later renamed Mile-Hi Ceramics, began operations in 1954, and is still in business.

Colo Springs Tulip Cup & Pad -- Second Type

This rare eight point tulip cup with its fancier lily pad has a weak Broadmoor-Springs potters' impression.

Colorado Pottery shows this same piece. Notice this one has a black "Patents Pending Tray No 60" ink stamp.

(Please tell us if you spot another one of these types.)

Detached Tulip Cup

And judging by its unusual unmarked bottom this tulip cup may have become detached from a now missing lily pad.

Be careful picking up tulips on lily pads. Bonds may fail.

Tulip Cups in Metal Holders

We occasionally find tulip cups in metal holders. This common tulip cup comfortably fits into this plain holder.

Colorado Pottery shows other more elaborate metal holders.

Metal Tulip Flower Ashtray...

This nice Colorado Springs piece has an ashtray bottom.

...has a smaller tulip

But a common tulip would not fit into the above metal tulip flower holder.

This one is about 12-15% smaller than normal.

And judging by its unscuffed bottom, and size, the tulip may be original to the metal holder.

Same six-point form but remarkably smaller.

Frog Tray

Finally this frog tray is only included here because of its similar lily pad motif. It's a very hard to find Broadmoor-Denver tray.

Please contact us if you have insights on this or other topics. Thank you.