Colorado Gallery

JB Hunt Haeger Vase

#82 2015-01-01

This vase was thrown by Jonathan Hunt during his time with Haeger Potteries.

The matte is similar to Haeger's Meregreen (see p 53, House of Haeger), however our mint glaze looks somewhat paler.

These bottom shots show the same Hunt-signed vase. It is incised "696" in the same manner as other Haeger pottery from the 1934 exhibition (link). But it lacks other identifying marks, such as dates, often found on their World's Fair vases.

The scanned shot below (click) better shows the incised number. And "Haeger Pottery" has been written at some point in pencil. Hunt's handwriting?

From this newpaper scan provided by Hunt's great granddaughter Sue, Hunt remained with Haeger to work off the backlog of orders made by "departing fair-goers".

"Hard-working" JB Hunt is shown at the wheel (click). (Sorry about the moire pattern.)

Hunt must have left Haeger sometime in 1935, since the 1936 Ames, Iowa directory (click) already lists him as "thrower" at Ames Pottery. Wife Zada is also listed (click).

In late 1937 Jonathan Bowne Hunt became Broadmoor's potter in Denver.

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