Colorado Gallery

Broadmoor Vase 103a

#81 2014-12-01

Our two Broadmoor vases, form number 103a, were thrown by Eric Hellman in Colorado Springs.

The first, a decorated copper-on-gunmetal, is best viewed below. 

Hellman typically threw his Broadmoor vases with flat unfooted bases. As shown here they were most often signed E Hellman (click).

Also notice the light brown clay body departs from the usual lighter buff clay found on other Broadmoor pottery. Perhaps such pieces were made at a home studio.

The rim shot again shows the copper overglaze. Notice the blue raised dot at the center of the flower (click). It is likely an applied dab of slip (clay in solution).

Our next 103a vase has a distinctive mottled green glaze (click).

Notice the glaze was runny when fired and later ground off flat at the base.

What also distinguishes this vase is Hellman's mark. It is very rare to find his middle initial T on any of his pottery (click).

Note this ETH mark also resembles the merged EH mark on Hellman's early swirl pottery (article).

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