Colorado Gallery

Broadmoor Bud Vases

#77 2014-08-01

We see three shapes of Broadmoor bud vases in these group shots. Also relative sizes and a sampling of glazes. They are a mix from Denver and Colo Springs.

The mauve vase below is a glaze Howard Lewis developed at Niloak. The red above and white below are plain unfluted forms of that taller shape.

All are moldware except the top green vase is thrown.

These are the most common bud vase forms -- with and without fluting.

These fluted vases are stamped 121A as shown below (click).

This lovely multicolor vase from the Colorado Springs plant is incised 1936 (click).

Less common are the slender bud vases.
The decorated white is stamped Denver; the green is unmarked, but also likely Denver.

What sets the matte green apart is its glazed bottom (click). Broadmoors are seldom bottom glazed. This one was most likely fabbed in Denver, where matte greens first appeared.

These vases were thrown by Eric Hellman at Colorado Springs.
The green is a hi-matte glaze; the swirl is a painted finish using a process Hellman developed. (See article link).

They are both incised "Broadmoor Pottery E. Hellman".

Perhaps our most interesting vase has a matte glaze with a clay body fit problem.

This ugly glaze problem is unusual for Broadmoors. Maybe it was experimental.

The bottom looks to be signed by Eric Hellman.

The incised marks are filled in with glaze; the remaining glaze is long gone (click).

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