Colorado Gallery

Broadmoor Fluted Vases

#76 2014-07-01

Broadmoor vases with fluting such as this pair from Colorado Springs are hard to find.

Our red example with dimpling is very attractive while the shorter white form has a plainer high-matte finish.

Close-up rim shots give better views of the forms. Notice the red vase has pointier corners (click). Also the dimpling must have been a very labor intensive process.

The rim of our white vase (click) has several hairline cracks. It is also noticeably heavy for its size.

These two vases were made at Broadmoor's Denver location. 

The gunmetal glaze is especially beautiful: streaky with a blue cast along its rim (click).

We wonder if Jonathan Hunt had a hand in its glaze development. His 1933 Newcomb College vase (link) has a similar glaze, also with a blue cast along its rim.

The cobalt vase is plain but quite nice as well (click).

Also notice excess glaze was ground off at the base of the gunmetal vase (click).

Both vases must have been prized by their owners. The gunmetal base has felt pads added and the cobalt vase was clearly well cared for with its nice "clay I am" label.

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