Colorado Gallery

Plain Broadmoor Bowls

#74 2014-05-01

This plain Broadmoor bowl was thrown and has a footed base (click). The matte green glaze is especially pleasing on the simple form.

This bowl is less expertly thrown; squatty with thick walls and an unfooted base. Its matte (Peacock) blue glaze was developed by Howard Lewis while at Niloak.

These oval bowls are press molded with flat bases. They were hand finished to smooth over rims and mold seams.

Our group shot shows relative sizes. The round bowls naturally have greater size variations than the two oval pieces.

These matte glazes are only from Broadmoor-Denver as far as we know. All have ordinary Denver ink stamps. We love their plain elegance.

Finally our two bowls thrown at Colorado Springs probably have more collector appeal. Both are footed and incised Colo Springs.

The attractive gunmetal bowl must have relocated during Broadmoor's move to Denver in 1937. It also has a Denver foil label. (see article)

And Broadmoor's green drip glazes are not very common and quite beautiful (click).

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