Colorado Gallery

Broadmoor Vase #140

#73 2014-04-01

This vase form is listed as no 140 in an early Broadmoor-Springs pamphlet (link). The molded "Spanish Majolica" white vase is from Colorado Springs and is also incised no 28 (click).

The blue pair was made at Broadmoor's Denver pottery. From the pamphlet cited the glazes may be turquoise or " Italian Della Robbia" blue. We call the glaze on the right "sandy blue" or "sandy turquoise".

Finally notice the difference in quality between the Denver vases.

The top vase is expertly thrown and crisply ink stamped and labeled with the familiar "Clay I am..." sticker (click).

Its wheelwork was likely done on a plaster bat, resulting in an elegant concave base. The ink stamping and foil label were thus protected from tabletops and shelves.

The sandy blue vase was press molded and looks hastily finished with an ordinary ink stamp (click). Mold marks were left exposed on the base and even on the sides.

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