Colorado Gallery

Garden of the Gods "Indian Days" Vase

#72 2014-03-01

Our featured vase this time is signed "Garden of the Gods Pottery Indian Days" (click).

The signature is in Eric Hellman's familiar handwriting so was probably thrown by him.

A clear glaze darkens the light brown clay and also serves to protect the writing on the bottom -- much like the process used on a GOG plate shown earlier (link).

The hand carved sections are over-glazed in black, matte yellow and matte blue.

The interior has indentations where the carvings are in reverse (click). This effect was likely caused by clay expansion differences during firing.

Finally notice "EM" is faintly incised on the pot, the "M" showing more clearly in the shot below (click). These initials were probably made by the finishing artist, no?

Please contact us if you have insights on this or other topics. Thank you.