Colorado Gallery

Hellman Pine Cone Vase

#66 2013-09-01


Eric Hellman made this pine cone vase in Colorado Springs before his move to Manitou Springs. It may have been made in the 1930s since its form resembles a few of the Broadmoors.

Colorado Pottery also shows similarly decorated Broadmoor, Denver White, Coors and Hellman-Garden of the Gods vases.

The uniformly crazed glazing on our vase unlikely fits the white clay body well, and testing the finish ruled out that it was painted after the base glaze firing. So it was probably decorated at the time by Hellman (or under his direction).

The decorating is okay at best. The air brushing is done well enough but the pine cones and stem are poorly detailed.

But then Eric Hellman was known most for his wheel work no?

Look for one of these hard to find decorated Hellmans for your Colorado collection.

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