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Hellman Manitou Springs Pottery

#64 2013-07-01

Our vase this time was thrown by Eric Hellman at Manitou Springs. For its large size the piece has a light airy feel with the same form as some of his early swirl pottery.

The high matte straw glaze is streaky and speckly on the outside with a red drip added inside and along the rim.

The bottom is glazed and fired along with Hellman's signature in blue.

Our other Hellman-Manitou example is a well thrown green drip pitcher with a clear-glazed interior on buff clay.

It has a nice spout and applied ribbon handle.

The unglazed bottom is incised with a flourish on the Hellman's "H". Hellman would likewise flourish his "E" on Eric when space allowed a full signature.

Hellman's pottery is found with all sorts of markings: ink stamps, incised cursive Hellman-only or full-named Eric Hellman marks or even Hellman printed out in caps. On his early Colorado swirl pottery we even find his "E" incised on top of his "H".

This higher end pottery from Manitou Springs is quite hard to find compared to his more common ink stamped swirl pieces.

Note that city directories show Hellman residing in Colorado Springs through the late 1940s before relocating to Beckers Lane in Manitou Springs by the early 1950s.

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