Colorado Gallery

Hellman Swirl Pottery

#62 2013-04-01 rev

Hellman Pottery was made from 1970 into the early 1980s. Our
small swirl-painted pot is one of the more colorful examples. This process was developed by Eric Hellman in Minnesota before coming to Colorado in 1931.

Most often Hellman Pottery is found in browns and greens, and looks like the more common Garden of the Gods Pottery made during the same years.

Interiors are glazed green on molded white clay bodies. This bowl gives us a good look at the glossy inside.

This Hellman Pottery vase has the same form and interior as other late-period Garden of the Gods vases.
We believe both Hellman Pottery and Garden of the Gods Pottery were made at the same foundry.

Finally this molded Hellman Pottery vase is similar to the vase below, which Hellman threw while at Broadmoor Pottery in the mid 1930s.

These are Hellman Pottery marks found so far. The center-USA type is less common.

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