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Broadmoor Cowboy Boots

#61 2013-03-01

These most common Broadmoor boot forms show heels merged with the soles.

type 1

This second pair also has attached heels with no daylight showing beneath the boot arches. All of these boots are Broadmoor-Denver pieces.

type 1

type 1 boots

This third pair have very nice glazes. The cream is a Denver-only glaze as far as we know.

The beautiful streaky red-over-yellow boot however is unmarked and believed to be from another maker. Broadmoors are almost always single-glazed, but this glaze mix more resembles that on Dickota Pottery's miniature animal figures.

These two pictures also show the boot with yet a third clear glaze over the clay body -- inside and on the base. The additional labor (and expense) in this boot is not typical of Broadmoor, and when we do happen to encounter higher end Broadmoor pieces, we quite often also find a flourished Paul Genter-signed bottom.

We believe this boot may be Dickota also because Howard Lewis worked there before coming to Broadmoor in Denver. He introduced Dickota's miniature animal forms to Broadmoor Pottery at that time.

Furthermore we usually find Broadmoors with bare or lacquered or partially lacquered bottoms. Here our cream boot base shows well some hasty finishing work including lacquer fold-over and double ink stamping; very unlike the clear glazed bottom above.

Moving on we show a second and much harder to find open-heel boot form. Here the front of the heel is not merged with the sole of the boot.

type 2

Notice also the base is slightly taller and more squared off than the more common boots. (This difference is more easily seen in the picture at the top of the page.)

This rarer boot has an attractive bottom flourished with a PH Genter Denver mark.

Our last pair of Broadmoor boots have nice gunmetal glazes with trays. We believe the trays were attached after firing but they could also have been molded as such. Again both show daylight in front of the heels. (Note the boots are not quite to scale.)

type 2

The top boot has an oval tray base with foil Broadmoor-Denver limited edition label. Its bottom is lacquered with an almost complete  "Clay I am..." label.

The final boot is the only one found with a Broadmoor mark from Colorado Springs. It has a round tray with a form #16 ink stamped on its bottom.

type 2

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