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PH Genter Signed Tile

#58 2012-12-01

Our corner trimmed PH Genter tile must have been part of a larger array. Its bright mix of glazes has an early-mid century California look much like Catalina Island pottery.

Paul Genter spent a few years in southern California between work in Seattle in the mid 1920s and his return to Colorado in 1933.

His father, an irrigation engineer, moved to Venice Beach from Salt Lake in 1920, and passed away in Santa Monica in the late 1920s -- just about the time son Paul arrived.

Genter came to California after parting company with his third wife and child in Seattle. He worked a number of jobs in Colorado, Utah and Washington, after attending Cutler Academy in Colorado Springs. In his twenties he was superintendent of a fruit farm near Denver, but later mostly worked as a salesman for equipment companies.

Paul Genter must have known Cecil Jones since Jones resided in nearby Glendale, Calif at the time. In 1933 they both worked in Colorado Springs at Broadmoor Art Pottery & Tile Co; Genter was the president and organizer, Jones the ceramist.

Note that Cecil Jones was 17 years older than Genter and had been an experienced ceramist and tile designer his entire adult life. One might imagine in a short number of years Genter emerged from working in equipment sales to becoming the artist Who's Who in American Art claimed ( pdf).

At least give Genter credit for promoting himself. He was very good at getting his name on a lot of artwork -- including our featured tile -- and many other very nice Broadmoor Pottery pieces. We understand his name also appears on paintings and ink drawings.

And in the 1930s he was certainly effective at assembling the backing and talent for his effort at Broadmoor Pottery: Cecil Jones & Eric Hellman in Colorado Springs and Jonathon Hunt & Howard Lewis in Denver. He also later helped make possible Imperial Porcelain Co's association with cartoonist Paul Webb in Zanesville (article).

Finally as president at Broadmoor he must have had a hand at getting the many advertising commissions from hotels, restaurants and other regional enterprises.

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