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Cecil Jones Zanesville Bowl

no.056 2012-10-01

This rare 1919 dated Cecil Jones bowl remained in the estate of his younger daughter Dora until just before her death in 1976.

The Cis Jones signature on his studio pottery varied little from when he signed a plate in 1889 as a nineteen year old LINK until his death sixty years later.

Cecil Jones immigrated from England in 1913 to work as a designer for American Encaustic Tiling Co in Zanesville and New Jersey. His daughter Gwendolyn also briefly worked as a designer with AETCo in Zanesville.

When the company opened a new plant in Los Angeles in the '20s Jones resettled with wife Margaret and young Dora there to become plant manager. Gwen married and remained in Ohio residing in Columbus until her death in 1986.

In 1930 Cecil Jones left AETCo to work for Fred H and George B Robertson at Claycraft for two years. He then spent a few years in Colorado Springs with Van Briggle and Broadmoor Pottery until 1935, before returning to Los Angeles.

Meanwhile Dora married George Robertson, who with his father Fred founded Robertson Pottery in 1934. The Robertsons were descendants of the Massachusetts family who founded Dedham Pottery and developed a beautiful crackle glaze.

Robertson Pottery covered box with crackle glaze

Finally as the close-up on our bowl shows Cecil Jones was no stranger to crackle glazes long before he worked for the Robertsons. However following his exposure at Claycraft, and perhaps more importantly his daughter's marriage into the Robertson family, we find Cecil Jones' knowledge of a reproducible crackle glaze apparent at Broadmoor Pottery in 1934 and La Mirada Pottery he founded the next year.

We will touch more on Cecil Jones' crackle glazed pottery in a future article.

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