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Broadmoor Pillow Vases

no.055 2012-09-01

These "fan" or pleated pillow vases were made in abundance at Broadmoor Pottery's Denver operation. We have not found fan vases from Broadmoor-Colorado Springs.

The bubble gum pink glaze is uncommon even for Denver, very rare from the Springs.

The glaze on our Vail Genter-incised vase above LINK is described in Dommel's Dakota Potteries as a "pink matte over-sprayed with blue matte". The two tone glaze was introduced to Broadmoor in Denver by Howard Lewis after he worked for Dickota Pottery in the early 1930s.

When Broadmoor went out of business in 1939 Lewis returned to North Dakota and worked for Rosemeade later making a somewhat smaller form of the fan vase.

These two fan vases, one with the most beautiful cream glaze LINK, and the matte blue (periwinkle) have some sort of fraternal crest addition.

These plain large pillow vases can also be occasionally spotted at auction. We have found all so far only made at Broadmoor Pottery in Denver. The green example is incised Milgrim, probably one of the Denver potters.

Finally this third form with a nice Ming Yellow glaze was made at Denver as well.

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