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Denver Lonhuda Pottery

no.054 2012-08-01

This time we show off a few examples of Denver China & Pottery Co's Lonhuda ware. The vase above was cited in Evans' Art Pottery:

An  example of Denver's Lonhuda ware is in the collection of the Colorado State Museum of the State Historical Society at Denver...; the underglaze slip decoration is of a burro, executed by Claude L Leffler.

William A Long developed this brown slip glaze process in the 1880s in the back rooms of his drug store business in Ohio. He initially founded Lonhuda Pottery, and then shared his process with Weller and later JB Owen Pottery in 1899. He founded and operated his Denver company from 1901-1904, afterward founding Clifton Art Pottery in Newark, NJ.

Claude Leffler (burro) was one of two Rookwood Pottery decorators Long brought with him from Ohio to work at his Denver company. The other was Eugene Roberts.

This lighter matte field vase signed by Eugene Roberts is a departure from the more typical dark field Lonhuda. "Eugene Roberts was noted for his slip painting of fruit on the Lonhuda line."

Our final vase is unsigned but perhaps also decorated by Claude Leffler. As the others it is marked with the Lonhuda Faience (LF) shield. Lonhuda Pottery in Ohio used the same mark sans Denver from 1895-1896.

This slip cast art line was the finest of Denver China & Pottery Co's ware. Two other lesser classes of pottery were produced usually by press molding or "jollying".

"In 1902 about twenty workers were employed..." at William Long's company.

Colorado Pottery has a fine writeup on William Long's career including his years in Denver. Also see our related article Denver Lonhuda Ruffled Vase.

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