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Plains Hotel Pottery

no.047 2012-01-01

The Indian figure on our large floor vase was modeled after Chief Little Shield. He has been the symbol of Cheyenne, Wyoming's Plains Hotel for most of its history.

The fourteen-point-five pound vase is holed for drainage and has a 1935 Broadmoor Colorado Springs mark.

Chief Little Shield the story goes attended Cheyenne Frontier Days in 1915 and was a guest at the Plains. The manager of the hotel Harry P Hynds was so impressed with the chief that "noted photographer" JE Stimson was hired to photograph him. Since then his image has been the symbol the Hotel.

The decal above was probably used for luggage. We believe the old postcard reading "The Plains ~ Known as Wyoming's Leading Hotel" is from the 1930s.

The Plains was redecorated in the mid 1930s at the time the vase and ashtray below were commissioned. From the time the Hotel opened in 1911 Harry Hynds and his wife Nellie furnished and operated the hotel to be one of the finest in America.

The ink stamp on our Broadmoor-Springs ashtray reads "You Are Welcome at the Plains. Modern and Fire Proof. European Plan. Known as Wyoming's Leading Hotel".

The view of this postcard is toward the Hotel's southeast corner. The vintage cars look to be from the 1940s.

This matchbook reads "Oak Room...visit Cheyenne's finest cocktail lounge..."

This nice postcard with a linen look reads "'The Wyoming Room', Plains Hotel, Cheyenne, Wyo."

This matchbook reading "Famous for Food" also shows the Hotel's two entrances.

On a visit to the Hotel in the early 1990s we found a black and white picture of a vase like ours in a second floor display cabinet. It had a lighter finish probably with Broadmoor's blue glaze.

The shots above and below were taken a few years ago. The Plains Hotel had a facelift in 2002.

The sidewalk out front of it's east entrance has tiles of Chief Little Shield. The original marble front desk is shown below.

An A&C-style frame around the picture of Chief Little Shield is in the Hotel lobby.

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