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Lakewood Pottery

no.044 2011-10-01

Early Lakewood Pottery through the 1940s used Broadmoor Pottery glazes and many of its forms. These Lakewood frog vases have Broadmoor's matte blue (periwinkle) and green on white glazes.

The Lakewood vases above and below are owned by Ed Bour. Broadmoor's matte greens and blues were Denver only glazes.

This Lakewood vase has the same two handled form and pink over sprayed with blue glaze as Broadmoor at Denver.

The identical glaze is found on Dickota Pottery before it closed in late 1937, when Howard Lewis of Dickota went to work for Broadmoor in Denver.

The glaze is also seen below on Ed Bour's Lakewood creamer and sugar.

The ribbed (type 2) Lakewood Pottery creamer and sugar has Broadmoor's pink glaze.

Our Lakewood bowl below has blue spattered on pink. We also often find these ruffled bowls on Broadmoor-Springs pieces ink stamped "Next to the Post Office".

Lakewood Pottery made after the mid 1950s looks mostly slip cast or slab formed with a very white clay body.

The large covered Lakewood vase or urn with transfer prints is owned by May Heimlich's niece Lois Kramer. Lois and May's daughter Leona Bender showed us other large Lakewood Pottery carved slab and slip cast pieces.

Finally Lois' beautifully hand decorated bowl by May Heimlich looks wheel thrown. The bowl is incised "May 1983" -- ten years after Lakewood Pottery closed.

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