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Typewriter Man Louis De Sciose Ashtray

no.041 2011-07-01

Our featured pottery this time is a delightful "typewriter man" ashtray. The piece is unmarked but probably made by Broadmoor Pottery in Denver.

After Broadmoor Art Pottery & Tile folded in Colorado Springs, it was re-established as Broadmoor Pottery in Denver in 1937. Denver Broadmoor became much more high volume where we find most of the collectible advertising items.

Michael P Cassidy kindly provided his typewriter ashtray pictures. The old Denver Club matchbook cover is the typewriter paper!

Louis De Sciose was born in Naples, Italy in 1893. He arrived in America in 1905, and stayed with his older brother Nick in Denver who had immigrated earlier.

Louis was an apprentice at a printing company, a salesman for a Denver typewriter supply store and eventually the proprietor of his own store in the 1920s.

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