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Broadmoor Open-Handled Vases

no.039 2011-05-01

The Broadmoor potteries made at least five open-handled vase forms.

These first two are large heavy vases with rat-tailed handles. The mottled green on blue is from Colorado Springs. The gunmetal vase is Denver.

These next two have applied ribbon handles. So far we have found the form only from Denver. Notice the nice drip glaze.

Likewise this vase has been found made in Denver where the cobalt glaze is most common. Colorado Pottery also shows the vase with green and blue matte glazes.

Here the most common of Broadmoor's open-handled vases is found made at both locations. The very nice white spatter on blue matte is Broadmoor-Denver.

(Blue and green mattes are Denver-only.)

Finally an open three-handled vase form with ribbon handles can be seen on the near corner of the table in this Colorado Springs pamphlet (click on the picture to enlarge). Colorado Pottery also shows this same thrown vase glazed in red.

(We think the potter in the pamphlet is Eric Hellman. Check out the guide dog on the mantel. Is that a rearing horse beside it?)

Please contact us if you have insights on this or other topics. Thank you.