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Broadmoor Flower Arrangers

no.037 2011-03-01

Broadmoor made these "bowling ball" flower arrangers at both the Springs and Denver. All look hand finished.

The nice Colorado Springs flower arranger below also has a pronged frog inserted.

This arranger is usually easy to find and varies from eight to just under nine inches in diameter. The black and smaller pale yellow arranger below were both made in Denver.

The other type of Broadmoor arranger we find has a separate pierced frog placed inside a bowl. In article 7 we featured this crackle set made in the Springs.

Below is a Colorado Springs marked blue ruffled bowl with frog that shows up more green in the photo. The frog has the same form and size as our crackle frog.

This Camark arranger is similar but smaller than Broadmoor's. We also pointed out in article 32 the similarity of Camark's red glaze and ashtrays to Broadmoor's.

Finally unrelated to the other arrangers is this fine old Haeger "insert flower holder". It was made some twenty years before Jonathan B Hunt threw pots for Haeger at the Chicago worlds fair (see article 27).

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