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Tabor Utley Pottery

no.036 2011-02-01

Our featured pottery this time is by Tabor Utley. He was born in Alabama in 1891, and came to Colorado for his health in the late 1920s. He later established a studio and was also known for mural and landscape painting.

Utley became a teaching assistant for Boardman Robinson of the Broadmoor Art Academy in the summer of 1934, after working with him on murals for Radio City Music Hall in 1932. That project led to WPA mural commissions at City Auditorium and the old Antlers Hotel in Colorado Springs.

He began making ceramics in the 1940s and threw these pitchers when he was seventy eight! Check out the glazing and applied ribbon handles.

Tabor Utley's pottery is moderately hard to find. We found these "Jetsons-style" pieces on line that may be from the 1950s: the eight inch long bowl above from an eBay listing and the red "boomerang dish" below.

We also found this 5.25" Tabor Utley tile set on line. One tile at the bottom is signed.

Finally these great theatrical faces of unknown origin are attributed to Tabor Utley. Were they were made at the time he also produced stage sets in Colorado Springs?

Tabor Utley (1891-1978) worked in a variety of mediums including oil and watercolor. A Google search of his work may be of interest.

Please contact us if you have insights on this or other topics. Thank you.