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Broadmoor & Camark Red Glazes

no.032 2010-10-01 rev

This horse plaque was made by Camark Potteries in Arkansas. The red looks just like Broadmoor's red glaze.

This unmarked advertising ashtray has a similar thick red glaze. It may be Camark as the back is glazed much  like the horse plaque. Broadmoor also made advertising ashtrays with this dimpled look but without glazed bottoms.

Our small grouping shows a mix of Broadmoors and Camarks. The vase and lily pad are Broadmoor. The donkey planter has an early Camark label and was probably made during the Broadmoor years. The large lamp base has the same look as the donkey and is believed to be Camark.

Broadmoor's red is called "Oxblood" from a 1930s Colorado Springs pamphlet. It was their most common and successful gaze.

Broadmoor-Colorado Springs vase

Finally two red Park Lane (Denver) Hotel ashtrays were believed at first to be Broadmoors, since the pottery also made other items for the hotel.

We were surprised to find a faint Camark ink stamp on one of the ashtrays. The slightly larger ashtray with a notched matchbook slot is unmarked so could be from either pottery. (Also notice the Bitucote ashtray is similarly notched.)

Added July, 2013 is our Brown Palace Hotel Ship Tavern ashtray.

Pictured above is a cruder Camark variation of Broadmoor Pottery's beautiful Brown Palace Ship Tavern ash tray below. (See articles 16 and 43.)

The previous Camark owner believed it was made in the 1950s and has a bottom ink stamp reading "Copyrighted by Camark".  The earlier Broadmoor from the 1930s is larger and more attractive but also perhaps easier to come by.

Please contact us if you have insights on this or other topics. Thank you.