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Cecil Jones Zanesville Bowl ~ Dora Robertson

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Cecil Jones glazed this bowl while he was at American Encaustic & Tile in Zanesville in the 1910s. He was obviously familiar with these crackle and irridescent glazes long before becoming acquainted with Fred and George Robertson at Claycraft in California or Broadmoor Art Pottery in Colorado.

Click on the above picture for some appreciation of the beauty of his red glaze.

After Cecil Jones' death in 1949, the bowl remained with his younger daughter Dora until her death in 1976. Dora J Jones arrived in New York aboard the Carmania in October 1913 with mother Margaret Jane, sister Gwendolyn B and brother Philip Charles. Cecil had arrived earlier in June aboard the Caronia. The Caronia's manifest lists Jones as designer. Note that Cecil Jones' son Philip died in Zanesville in 1918.

Records place Cecil Jones and his family at Zanesville in 1920, and in Glendale, California without Gwen in 1930. Dora married George B Robertson (Claycraft Pottery) in 1933. We believe she had a daughter Diana (b. 1947) but could not track her down.

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