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Broadmoor Creamers and Sugar Bowls

no.028 2010-06-15 rev

This Art Deco sugar bowl was made by Broadmoor Pottery at Colorado Springs. Colorado Pottery shows a yellow glazed creamer in the same style.

We usually find just the smaller creamer/sugar sets from Broadmoor-Denver.

The plainer (type 1) sets with rat tailed handles have the same form we find at Rosemeade.

Type 2 sets are ribbed and have ribbon handles.

Several of Broadmoor's forms and glazes later appeared at Lakewood Pottery in an unincorporated Denver suburb.

This Lakewood set from Ed Bour's collection has a matte pink glaze oversprayed with matte blue. (Dickota Pottery also had the same glaze which was probably introduced to Broadmoor in Denver by Howard Lewis.)

Our type 2 pink set was also made at Lakewood Pottery.

6-1-2011 addition: Art Deco Cream and Sugar pair

Click on picture and check out the bottom incised marks of this hard to find set.

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