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JB Hunt at 1934 Chicago World's Fair

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Our featured vase this time was thrown by Jonathan Bowne Hunt at the World's Fair in 1934. Hunt was a new thrower at Haeger Pottery's Chicago exhibit that spring and summer. Before that he was potter at Newcomb College until 1933, succeeding Joseph Meyer (with Robert Miller) in 1927 (see JB Hunt at Newcomb article).

Jonathan Hunt was born in Pattenburg, New Jersey in August 1876. After Haeger he went on to work for Broadmoor Pottery in 1937. Our vase was purchased out of Delaware not far from Jonathan Hunt's childhood home.

Hunt's nicely thrown 7.5 inch vase looks small in pictures but is hefty at over four pounds. It has Haeger's mottled Geranium Leaf glaze with the incised number 1113.

The pictures of this 6.5 inch Hunt world's fair vase were provided by Ward Freeman. It has what looks like Haeger's Deco Yellow glaze in matte or semi gloss with the incised number 2823, and dated Sept 9th. Mr Freeman believes the number is a shape rather than an exhibit item number, which makes sense because the vase was dated late in the 1934 season yet still has a rather low incised number.

This seven inch vase was thrown at Haeger's exhibit by V. McKibben. It also has the mottled Geranium Leaf glaze with an incised 5468.

Finally this seven plus inch vase was thrown at the exhibit by Agnes Duchow. The matte glaze is probably also Haeger's Deco Yellow and has the incised number 7506.

March 30, 2011 addition: Diana McDonald of Long Island, NY provided pictures of this white six-point-five inch vase that JB Hunt also threw for Haeger at Chicago.

Diana has owned the vase since 1980, and traced its origin to an associate of the Standard Oil Co which had an exhibit a few blocks south of Haeger's at the fair. (see 1934 wf map)

August 11, 2013 addition: Jo Ann Valdiseri of Vineland, New Jersey provided this picture of her six inch blue gloss vase. Also thrown by JB Hunt at Haeger's exhibit at the 1934 Chicago World's Fair, Jo Ann notes her vase was found in Jonathan Hunt's home state of New Jersey.

The vase is incised with the item number and dated 8-3-34. It is an especially nice piece showing JB Hunt's skill as a thrower with an inwardly wrapped rim.

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