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Ship Tavern Ashtray ~ Cecil Jones

no.016 2009-09-09

This ashtray was made in Colorado Springs for the Ship Tavern in Denver's Brown Palace Hotel. It is signed PH Genter, ever the self promoter, but likely designed by Cecil Jones. Jones worked as Broadmoor's ceramist in 1934, and departed by early 1935.

Cecil Jones was born in Madeley, Shropshire, England in 1870, and immigrated to the States in 1913, when he began working for American Encaustic Tile Co (AET) in Zanesville. From California Tile Jones was transferred from AET's New Jersey and Zanesville operations after 1919, to head the company's decoration department in their new facility on the outskirts of Los Angeles.

This AET box from the Los Angeles years has the same orange as the Broadmoor-Springs glaze. The glaze was also common on Catalina pottery where Jones worked briefly. We have not found the glaze on Broadmoor-Denver pots.

It is interesting to note that ceramists often had their own glaze formulas, and when they left factories they took their secrets with them. We believe this orange glaze is one of at least two glazes Cecil Jones departed the Springs with, the other being the fine crackle glaze.

Some tiles from AET's west coast facility in the 1920s show a similarity to Broadmoor's Ship Tavern ashtray galleon design.

The AET tile work above is from a Los Angeles residence constructed in 1927; the red galleon below is from another of Broadmoor's fabulous Ship Tavern ashtrays.

Cecil Jones stayed with AET until the depression hit in 1930. He then worked with the Robertsons for two years at Claycraft, also in LA. The tile below is by Claycraft.

Lots more later on Cecil Jones and his marked pottery.

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