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Broadmoor Cabinet Vases

no.015 2009-08-30 rev

These small Broadmoor vases hold a few surprises. All were thrown on the wheel. The smallest may have been end o' days and or used as glaze tests. (click for actual size)

From Denver the blue and cream vases on the back row were likely thrown by Jonathon Hunt. We find the matte blue glaze (periwinkle front center) only on Denver pots. The red vase in front is unmarked and rare in matte; the remaining three smalls -- blue, red and matte white -- have Colorado Springs marks.

This one has the most beautiful cream glaze.

It looks like Broadmoor had a fraternity or sorority customer here.

This potters' impression on the red gloss vase is perfect. Crisp and even and not doubled. Very difficult to find this nice.

Last but not least this one is double ink stamped. Broadmoor closed its doors in the Springs by 1936, and moved to Denver to reopen by late 1937. This pot was made and marked in the Springs (upside down faint Broadmoor Art Pottery mark); then ink stamped again on arrival in Denver. What a find!

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