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011 Broadmoor Spongeware


This ear handled vase (no. 138) has Broadmoor's oxblood glaze nicely dabbed on a white field. The interior is also white. Very hard to read PH Genter Colo Springs mark.

Broadmoor collectors are often pleasantly surprised when they find these limited runs of glazes or forms. Both the Springs and Denver operations ran at high volumes for a handful of years, but you often encounter oddball forms, glazes and marks much like with a studio pottery. So Broadmoor is usually affordable but fun to collect with lots of surprises and sometimes very high quality.

The deco handled vase (no. 103c) likewise has the oxblood glaze on white, but less crisp like the red was dabbed while the white was still damp. The result is arguably a less attractive pink appearance. The interior is glazed blue (looks turquoise). Clearly incised PH Genter Colo Springs.

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