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Broadmoor Guide Dog

no.010 2009-05-16 rev

This 11 inch unmarked guide dog has Broadmoor's successful oxblood glaze. The Collector's Encyclopedia of Colorado Pottery shows the same German shephard incised "Gretchen" with a Denver foil label.

Dorothy Eustis and Morris Frank organized the first guide dog training school in the U.S. in Nashville. The Seeing Eye was established in 1929, just a few years before Broadmoor opened in the Springs. After returning from Europe in 1928, Mr. Frank "traveled around the United States telling people about the dogs and how they could help others". (minipage)

1937 Greeters Guide downtown Colorado Springs

In Colorado Springs the Deaf and Blind Institute was just down Pikes Peak Ave from Broadmoor Art Pottery which was located next to the Post Office.

May 24, 2011 addition: Gretchen-marked guide dog

This Broadmoor-Denver guide dog with a gunmetal glaze and nice foil label has the incised "Gretchen" mentioned above.

"Gretchen" in quotes is probably the guide dog's name.

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