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Made of Clays from Garden of the Gods

#8 2009-04-22 revised

Look for this mark on Eric Hellman's pottery before his reported enlistment in the US Army in 1943. In 1932 he made pottery at his primitive -- mostly outdoors -- studio at Strausenback's Indian Trading Post at the Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs. The next year he worked for Hassell Iron Works in exchange for an indoor location for his pottery making.

Following these two very successful years he was approached in fall of 1933, by W.B. Hassell (president of the Iron Works) and Spencer Penrose (owner of the Broadmoor Hotel) to work for the newly forming Broadmoor Art Pottery and Tile Company in Colorado Springs. He remained there at least through the 1935 tourist season.

The above vase was almost certainly made at the Trading Post. However it is unclear if other pots with the same mark were made only there or elsewhere up until the war. A cream & sugar spotted with the same mark was reported to be brand new and wrapped in a 1941 newspaper.

All the vases we found with this mark have a cream buff clay body and appear thrown on the wheel. Most were made using Hellman's swirl "cold stripe" enamel paint process except for the harder to find rabbit salt and pepper shakers below.

More later on Eric Hellman and his pottery.

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