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006 Fossil Cabin Museum Plaque


Thomas Boylan and his young son built this cabin out of dinosaur fossils before the "tourist season" began in 1933. After the 1935 season he had postcards printed, and on April 26, 1938, Robert L. Ripley ran a "cartoon" of the cabin in "Believe It or Not" as the "world's oldest cabin". (PhilRoberts, 1.6M.pdf)

The plaque's backside label does not mention Ripley, so we believe it was likely sold out of the cabin by the 1938 season.

The label was firmly attached and had to be steamed off to verify the Broadmoor-Denver ink stamp. Broadmoor's Denver operation began in October 1937, and ended by 1939-1940. (pp. 113,115 Carlton's)

This postcard may have been one Boylan had printed in 1935-1936, since Ripley is again not mentioned.

Both plaque and postcard mention Edward R. Boylan not Thomas Boylan as curator.

Fossil Cabin Museum today with a Ripley's "Believe It or Not".

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