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005 Broadmoor Limited Editions


This gunmetal glazed bowl has both foil limited edition label and incised number. Curiously the incision is Colo. Springs and the foil label is Denver.

Springs incision Denver label

More commonly we find either the number or label but not both. These crackle vases are examples.

Springs incision Springs incised no. 49 Springs label Springs label

We found the numbers were more common on Colo. Springs pottery. Denver items were usually labeled.

Denver label
Springs incised no. 13 Denver incised no. 1

Denver label Denver label Denver label

So what is the significance of "limited edition"? All the items are very nice in some way but not especially unique in form or glaze.

The black and crackle glazes are only somewhat hard to find. The ball pitcher is a real beauty but without a particularly rare glaze. The gunmetal glaze is not rare; the classy boot on an oval base is hard to find.

P.H. Genter signed all but the black and matte blue (periwinkle) vases. His signed items are very common. J.B. Hunt incised the black. No incision at all on the matte blue.

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