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003 Broadmoor Catalog Numbers

2009-01-15 rev

This pottery was pictured in The Broadmoor Art Pottery & Tile Co. from our last issue (2). Click on the pictures to better see the catalog numbers. Vase no. 144B is 10.5 inches tall.

These are lamp bases and vases. Vase no. 160 is 12 inches tall.

Vase no. 138 is 7 inches tall.

We also found catalog numbers on the pottery shown below.

6.5" vase (C)
7.25" handled vase (D)
2" T1 tulip cup (D)

not to scale; C=Colorado Springs; D=Denver

7" vases (C)
5.25" T2 boot round tray (C) 8.75" 4 corner vase (C)

Both types of scarabs below have the same catalog number. The turquoise scarab was from an eBay listing with no. 118, written in two locations on its base (bottom pic). The pink scarab base was shown in our last issue (2). Both were made in the Springs.

Broadmoor calls the lily pad below Tray No. 80. It is the 2nd type we have found. The 8 petal tulip cup likewise is the 2nd type we have found. More commonly it has 6 petals.

6.5" T2 / T2 combo (C)

Finally the vase below has 222A penciled in along with a faint 4.00 price.  222A is a believable catalog number because of its similarity to others.

10" vase (D)

Please contact us if you know other catalog numbers. We will update this issue. Thanks.

We found an old tag on the base of a tulip cup flower similar to the one below on ebay. Again the number is a believable as a catalog number.

our 7" tulip cup flower (C) base of tulip cup flower on eBay

January 27, 2010 addition:

7.25" handled vase below (like number 202B above) also has the number 135B:

January 28, 2010 addition:

8.25" across by 5.5" high footed "bowling ball" flower arranger vase with form number 161, from the Broadmoor Colorado Springs operation. Note we also have an identical arranger in gloss black that was made at Broadmoor-Denver without the nice form or limited edition numbers:

February 21, 2010 addition:

A nice footed 4.5" high green gloss Broadmoor-Denver vase thrown by JB Hunt with his incised signature. It has a very difficult to read form number. Possibly 100, or 109, or ? (call it 100):

October 12, 2010 addition:

We recently found this bowl on an eBay listing with a printed number 403, on the worn gold label. It also has a number 50:

December 8, 2012 addition:

Another eBay listing. #1701 nicely dated 1936 from Broadmoor in Colorado Springs.