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002 Broadmoor Catalog Numbers (intro)


We occasionally found ink stamped numbers on the bottoms of Broadmoor pottery and figured they were catalog or form numbers.

Confirmation was found in this Broadmoor advertising pamphlet from 1934. It shows pottery associated with numbers.

Looking for one of our pottery numbers to match the number under the same pamphlet pot we got two hits.

For example the pamphlet's ear handled vase has 138 under it. One of our ear handled vases has the same ink stamped number.

Seven of our numbered pots were not in the pamphlet. None had numbers that differed from identical pamphlet pots (no contradictions).

We found ink stamps from both the Colorado Springs and Denver Broadmoor potteries.

Next issue we will show all 27 pamphlet pottery items and 9 from our collection.