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001 Broadmoor Advertising Coaster

2008-12-23 rev

This Denver 4-inch coaster or pin tray shows a pictorial of potters at a kick wheel and press mold. The runny cobalt gloss glaze displays well with Broadmoor's white clay body showing through. The backside is not marked.

We don't usually find the cobalt glaze on Broadmoor's Colorado Springs items.

From another pot we find this backside impressed mark only on Broadmoor's Colorado Springs pottery. The impressions are sometimes weak, uneven or doubled. This is a very nice example.

The cypher is also found embossed on foil labels from either the Colorado Springs or Denver potteries.

"Broadmoor Pottery" was actually two companies. The earlier one operated briefly in Colorado Springs before it closed by 1936. Broadmoor-Denver operated from October 1937, until the spring of 1939.